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Humanity stands at the critical intersection where you can actively participate in designing destiny. Business has an important role to play as does each person. Episodes feature leaders in consciousness and in business who are restoring healthy relationships and regenerating Life's support systems by tapping into deeper levels of human potential. #spiritual literacy #business #consciousness #inspired #innovation Thanks to Mark Romero Music for the music.
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Jun 23, 2017

Companies are under pressure to transform to a different world-view while maintaining operations. The tension makes organizational transformation a journey that requires thinking from the inside and from the outside. David Heron, Group CEO of Wilton & Bain, a global leadership advisory boutique, and WBMS Associate Chris Bevan form a team who help companies find the right people to guide them through the transformational process.  

In their conversation with host, Dawna Jones they talk about:

  • The tension between running business as an operation and the process of design to mobilize major transformation
  • The value of readiness particularly at the CEO level plus how metrics work against risk taking
  • The short-cut approach to avoiding digital transformation and the problems that creates
  • The need for building confidence and courage throughout a long-term change process as business life surfaces multiple disruptions
  • How to mitigate the loss of foresight and risk aversion due to fear
  • The importance of designing the future and future ambitions
  • How ready or not companies are to up the strategy to the level of global sustainability
  • Tips for executive decision makers

Wilton & Bain help organizations find the right people to guide companies through change operationally and strategically.

Your host, Dawna Jones, specializes in reading the deep dynamics underpinning personal and organizational growth. She helps increase self and organizational awareness of the systemic impact of decisions so that human potential is released. Speaker - Consultant-Author - VR (virtual reality for human evolution).

Find her on or Twitter EPDawna_Jones 

The intro music is composed by Mark Romero of Mark's music has been verified by a quantum physicist to restore coherence. 

Jun 9, 2017

Dr. Katrin Muff is a force behind Business School Lausanne’s adoption of Holacracy and the design of the GapFrame for activating the contribution of regenerative business to fulfill the UN Sustainable Development Goals and higher level strategy conversation.

In this program we talk about:

  • The implementation of self-management (Holacracy) at Business School Lausanne 
  • The limits of hierarchy in driving purpose
  • The big insights and freedom gained from decentralized decision making
  • The ups and downs of deliberately developmental organizations (Robert Kegan’s work)
  • How a business school can walk its talk through reinventing itself and offer students experience with the unfolding real world
  • How the GapFrame framework can be used by business and business schools to change the conversations (
  • Advice to recent graduates facing the question: What next? ‘Get a job’ or ‘do what I care about’

Go online to Business School Lausanne to take the 5 minute CARL quiz on your responsible leadership competencies. Are you up to speed?

Guest Dr. Katrin Muff is a thought leader in the transformative space of sustainability and responsibility at Business School Lausanne, where she acted as Dean from 2008-2015 until self-organization made such a title redundant. Under her leadership, the school focused its vision on entrepreneurship, responsibility and sustainability in education and research. Her business experience includes 10 years at ALCOA (GM in Russia, Industry Analyst for Global M&A in the U.S. and Business Analyst Europe), 3 years as Director, Strategic Planning EMEA at IAMS Europe (Procter & Gamble), and 3 years as a co-founder of Yupango, a coaching consultancy dedicated to start-ups and training management teams.

Dawna Jones is your host. She is a speaker, quantum consciousness leadership coach, author of Decision Making for Dummies – an advanced guide to decision making in the 21st century. She prepares decision makers with the skills to read context and apply intuitive in balance with rational to make the best decisions in complex situations. On iTunes you’ll find Dawna Jones’s podcasts on

Contact Dawna at or through LinkedIn.


Music intro is by Mark Romero Music. Mark’s music brings the body into a state of coherence.