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Humanity stands at the critical intersection where you can actively participate in designing destiny. Business has an important role to play as does each person. Episodes feature leaders in consciousness and in business who are restoring healthy relationships and regenerating Life's support systems by tapping into deeper levels of human potential. #spiritual literacy #business #consciousness #inspired #innovation Thanks to Mark Romero Music for the music.
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Feb 4, 2017

Colin Price is the executive vice president and global managing partner at Heidrick & Struggles, a pioneer in the fields of executive search, culture shaping and leadership consulting. Prior to that he served as chairman of Co Company, an organizational development consulting firm. Previously he led the worldwide organization practice at McKinsey & Co. for many years.

Colin has consulted with many of the world’s largest organizations and published on important business challenges of organization health and performance for 25 years. His focus is on developing organizations that can align, execute, and renew better and quicker than competitors. His body of work around building organizational health, purpose, culture, leadership, and capabilities has defined this arena of study and practice.

In this conversation with Dawna he talks about:

  • The shift from linear thinking to working with complexity,
  • How recent political events like Brexit and the election of Trump can be understood by recognizing increased complexity,
  • Why complexity cannot be oversimplified,
  • Why middle managers are resistant to change,
  • Why high performing companies have a reduced management layer and what that means to organizational leaders explaining that to the managers affected by cost reduction realities,
  • Why accelerating doesn’t mean doing the same things but faster,
  • How complacency is created and what to do about it,
  • What top performing leaders do better,
  • The role of humility,
  • 3 things companies can do to keep pace.

Colin has published widely, and is author and co-author of seven books, including Accelerating Performance: How Organizations can Mobilize, Execute, Transform, with Agility. He has presented at many prestigious conferences, including The World Economic Forum and the Harvard Roundtable series around the need to integrate thinking on organizational performance and health so that corporations can create an aligned, high-performance system.


The music intro is from Mark Romero Music - a track called Alignment. Mark is a former CEO of a semi-conductor company who returned to his passion of music. His music restores health and coherence to the human body. See more at