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Humanity stands at the critical intersection where you can actively participate in designing destiny. Business has an important role to play as does each person. Episodes feature leaders in consciousness and in business who are restoring healthy relationships and regenerating Life's support systems by tapping into deeper levels of human potential. #spiritual literacy #business #consciousness #inspired #innovation Thanks to Mark Romero Music for the music.
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Feb 17, 2017

Stephenie Gloden is a passionate person. After reading Doug Kirkpatrick’s book Beyond Empowerment rather than attempt to impose the ideas she worked with her team at the University of Phoenix, Apollo Education Center to ‘own’ the ideas and implications. 

It is not that education systems do not want to deliver skills to equip students with 21st Century skills; it’s that the systemic blocks make it extremely difficult. A high level of vision and tenacity is required. To handle high speed change takes different skills so in this program you’ll hear:

  • How they inserted accountability into interpersonal relationships internally
  • What impact being fully responsible had on learning and growth of leaders
  • What surfaces when you see people as more than their role
  • About Redflint: a partnership between big corporations, the university and an accelerator.
  • About the ecosystem benefits for startups, big corps and entrepreneurs.
  • Why MGM in Los Vegas signed on as a partner.

Stephenie Gloden is the Vice President, Enterprise Resource Management at Apollo Education Group and part of the partnership behind the RedFlint Experience Center, Sparked by University of Phoenix and Arizona State University.

Innovative entrepreneur, intrapreneur and leader, Stephenie promotes a highly engaged culture focused on delivering value-driven service and solutions that meet customer needs. She applies lean startup principles, agile methodologies and self-management practices to driving collaboration in an interdisciplinary context. Fortunately, she’s not afraid to push the envelope – an essential trait in someone having to work around an entrenched systemic holding pattern. Stephenie Gloden is on LinkedIn. 

To learn more about RedFlint go to:

The artist owned music at the conclusion is fittingly called ‘Dedication’ which is what it takes to make systemic change. Robert Grey, my graphic designer has provided the track. More of his music and work is found at:

The introductory clip is courtesy of Mark Romero at Mark is the former CEO of a semi-conductor firm who has been doing what he loves ever since he left corporate. His music has been proven to restore coherence and well-being to the body.