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Humanity stands at the critical intersection where you can actively participate in designing destiny. Business has an important role to play as does each person. Episodes feature leaders in consciousness and in business who are restoring healthy relationships and regenerating Life's support systems by tapping into deeper levels of human potential. #spiritual literacy #business #consciousness #inspired #innovation Thanks to Mark Romero Music for the music.
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Apr 15, 2017

As the world changes your most in depth technology is your knowledge of peak performance and flow states. Steven Kotler of the Flow Genome Project explains how neuroscience helps you manage flow and peak performance states; applying self-awareness to action, particularly what you can do to manage yourself through the ‘dark side’. We start with reflecting on how on how well business executives have incorporated knowledge of flow states to function in today’s complex business environment and how business can apply this knowledge to make better performance rich environments. 


  • How exponential growth in sports informs how you navigate exponential change in the business environment.
  • 3 qualities of a rich environment that catalyze peak performance states.
  • The Navy Seal approach to training the brain to be present and mindful in the moment while overcoming the panic button.
  • What the 1000 year-old sport of surfing and other weather dependent sports teach about flow states.
  • Preconditions that lead to flow along with the triggers.
  • The conditions for recovering from the neuro-chemical cocktail induced by flow.
  • What business decision makers can learn from pro-athletes.
  • Why Steve Job’s added unpredictability and complexity to Pixar to ramp up creativity.
  • Why Google goes for 10X goals.
  • The competitive advantage to learning.
  • Why flow has become an indicator of market performance in the game sector.

Steven Kotler is a New York Times bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and cofounder and director of research for the Flow Genome Project. His books include Bold, The Rise of Superman, Abundance, A Small, Furry Prayer, West of Jesus, and The Angle Quickest for Flight and Stealing the Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work. You can find him online at or on Forbes with Far Frontiers blog


Go to to take the Flow assessment and meet Steven’s Flow Genome partner Jamie Wheal.

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